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Daily Gadget Inspiration #77

James Brosworth takes up the narrative

The Playstation lightbar decal from FlamingToast allows you to customize your controller without leaving any permanent markings. These decal stickers simply hide the rather odd light bar of the controller, and instead show your preferred decal lit up by the light bar behind it.

Grill Cleaning Robot Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
The Grill Cleaning Robot from Grillbot eliminates the only part about barbecues that is no fun – the scrubbing and cleaning part. Just hoist the Grillbot on the grill after you’re done barbecuing, push a button and let it rip. The Grillbot with its three motors and three brushes will clean up the grill all on its own, without so much as a push from you, let alone elbow grease.

Nambe Twist Coaster Set Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
This Nambe Twist Coaster Set contains six beautiful coasters from the Twist Collection, designed by Lou Henry. Each coaster has a natural wood pattern surface made of acacia wood that is stain resistant. The base is gleaming Nambe, which is a metal alloy containing aluminum and seven other metals.

EpicDock iPhone Android 650x464 Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
Charging dock made from a perfect combination of wood and aluminum. Compatible with iPhone and other smartphones. Customize your dock. Engrave your name, logo or any other artwork for just $10. Free laser engraving for StartUp and Corporate rewards.

Wooden iPhone Replacement Panels Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
The Wooden iPhone Replacement Panels created by Richard Clarkson not only protect your precious iPhone from damage, but also make it stand out with a touch of natural wood blending in with the iconic flow of Apple’s original design. Thing is that the top and bottom panels are highly susceptible to damage from accidental drops and hard knocks.

Snappgrip iPhone Camera Controls 650x430 Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
Snappgrip gives you iPhone or Android smartphone camera controls in a battery-powered hardware controller that’s convenient and ergonomic to use. The controller functions include controls for the shutter and focus, zoom and shooting mode.

Void LCD Brushed Chrome Watch Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
The Void LCD Brushed Chrome Watch is a workhorse of a watch that is made to last for at least a generation or two, and be handed down from father to son as a family heirloom. The chunky steel case is a squat bunker housing the sleek digital display with time and date topped by a mineral glass window.

assassinpirate 650x367 Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
The Assassin’s Creed series has become quite popular in the past few years but maybe you haven’t heard of it. In essence, there is a virtual reality program called the Animus that enables a man named Desmond Miles to experience the memories of his ancestors. There’s a fairly deep backstory involved but all you need to know is that Assassin’s Creed IV is a new lease on the common thread throughout the previous Assassin’s Creed games. This time the ancestor’s name is Edward Kenway and he is a pirate on the high seas of the Caribbean. Finally, the pirate simulator we all wanted as children! Read More

frame shelfed e1396313129336 650x299 Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
Last week, the nice folks over at Nixplay asked if I would be willing to review one of their digital frames and of course I obliged because I love all gadgets. In anticipation, I didn’t really research the frame because I wanted my take to be as pure as if I had stumbled upon it in a store and bought it on a whim. You see, I thought I knew digital picture frames, I had bought one for my mother a few years back and it was so difficult to set up and use effectively that it disappeared into the abyss of our storage unit when we moved and I rather expected the Nixplay frame to be the same thing, cool but inefficient. Read More

jpeg 650x295 Daily Gadget Inspiration #77
If you’ve been following the news of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus over the last week, you’ve undoubtedly encountered plenty of negative perspectives, ranging from concerns about Facebook as a company with a spotty history in gaming to fears that Oculus will become a Facebook-branded social nightmare full of spammy ads, endless notifications for meaningless addictive games (looking at you, Candy Crush), and sinister data-mining practices. Read More

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